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We teach exclusively traditional classical Okinawan Goju Ryu karate, with a minimal sport compliment, for information on how to join our Club or I.O.G.K.F. nationally or internationally, contact us.

Introduction - Brief history

Grandmaster Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953), who developed Goju Ryu in Okinawa from the self-defense techniques which had come down through the centuries from China, described karate as “a martial art which is dependent solely on the human body – weapons are not used at all”.

Kun - Ethics

Improve Our own Character.
Act Unselfishly.
Refrain from violent and uncontrolled behavior.
Develop a spirit of endeavor and perseverance.
Seek the true way of life through hard training and sacrifice of self-interests.


Kata is a Japanese word describing detailed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs. Each is a complete fighting system, with the movements and postures of the kata being a living reference guide to the correct form and structure of the techniques used within that system.

Hijackers, like any other criminals – prey on ignorance

10 Points to remember

  1. Always be alert near gates, driveways or garages, look out for suspicious persons, vehicles and loiterers when leaving or arriving at your home or business.
  2. Be on the lookout for suspicious persons when stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, or while driving in the city traffic, especially at night.
  3. Drive away quickly if someone suspicious is approaching your stationary vehicle.
  4. Always keep your Vehicle’s doors locked and windows closed, keep valuables out of sight.
  5. Don’t respond to persons indicating that there is something wrong with your vehicle whilst you are driving. Drive to the nearest garage or safe place, e.g. Police Station.
  6. If your vehicle breaks down, if possible, drive on to the safe place. Do not wait for other motorists to come to your assistance. Use your cellular phone to contact emergency services for assistance.
  7. Beware of people asking for directions, especially in parking areas.
  8. Make sure that you are not followed to and from your home or business, and if you are followed, go to the nearest police station or place where there are many people, avoid quiet streets or areas.
  9. If you are a victim of hijacking, try to remember as much detail regarding the hijackers as possible, ie registration numbers, clothing, distinguished features, etc. Contact the emergency services as soon as possible.
  10. Remember, if you become a victim of hijacking, don’t resist, your life is more valuable than the most expensive car.